Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Franklin County Republican Central Committee is to identify, cultivate, support, and elect principled, capable Republicans to countywide and local offices.

Vision Statement:
By educating citizens on the Republican Party platform, striving to be a strong presence in our communities, working to increase the number of registered voters in our county and participating in Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts, we strengthen the thread between the voters and the Republican Party.

Most of what is important in life we do for ourselves, without the government. We form our own families and raise our own children. We choose what we want to do in life. We pray to our God as we choose; we form and join the religious and civic groups that care for our neighbors in need and shape the direction of our state. There are only a few things we need the government to do for us; but it should do those things well and faithfully.