2018 Ice Cream Social Videos

If you were unable to attend the 2018 Ice Cream Social and Candidate Q&A on July 14th, 2018, you now have a chance to watch the event on video. 

The night has been broken down into segments, and you can view each segment at the links below.

Opening comments

Federal office races

Candidates for 3rd district

Candidates for Senator

Franklin County office races 

County Collector candidates

Candidates for the county clerk office

Franklin County Municipal court judge candidates

Candidates for Presiding Commissioner

Candidates for Prosecuting Attorney

Franklin county candidates that are running unopposed in August.

Missouri State office races

Candidates for State Auditor

Unopposed candidates for State Representative – District 61 & 119

Candidates for State Representative – District 109

Candidates for State Representative – District 110

Closing ceremony – don’t miss the two musical performances



Thank you to Steven Lyles of Chimera Creative Works for the videos!

chimera creative works