Caucus 2020


Format change!

At the meeting of the statewide Republican committee, the format of the local caucus on April 4th was changed. Here is the pertinent part:

Under the new process, county caucuses will not be held. Instead, County Republican Central Committees will meet by phone on April 4 to vote on slates of delegates and alternates to the Congressional District and State Conventions.

The meeting should take place like any other county committee meeting: The County Chair will preside. Only members of the committee can participate. Any member of the county committee can present a slate, and all slates should be read aloud. The county committee then vote to elect 1 slate for the CD Convention(s) and 1 slate for the State Convention.


Click below to read the full text of the letter from Kay Hoflander, chair, Missouri Republican Party

State Committee update Covid-19

If you want to be on the slate that is voted on April 4th, contact any committee person, or go to the bottom of this page to submit your contact information.

What is a caucus?

The Missouri Republican Party’s caucuses are public meetings held every four years to select delegates to the Congressional District Conventions and the State Convention, as well as review and consider amendments to the state party platform.

Why do we have caucuses?

Missouri state law (RSMO 115.776) requires the Missouri Republican Party to “conduct a series of caucuses culminating in congressional and state conventions” for the purposes of selecting delegates to the national convention.

Who can participate in a caucus?

Any self-declared Republican who is registered to vote in Missouri can participate in the caucuses. You must participate in the county where you are registered to vote. Photo ID required.

From Missouri GOP website – go here for more information

Delegate binding

Candidate wins absolute majority on March 10
– Missouri will be a winner-take-all state
– All Missouri delegates will be bound to vote for the winner at the national convention.

Go here for more Caucus information from the Missouri GOP website.


March 10, 2020: Presidential  Preference Primary Secretary of State Presidential preference primary Q&A.

April 4, 2020: Franklin county caucus to convene via conference call for committee members only.  Select 36 delegates & 36 alternates to the 3rd district and State conventions.  Vote on  platform amendments. Proposed changes should be typed and clearly explain changes or additions. Link to current Missouri GOP platform

May 30, 2020: 3rd Congressional District Convention to convene at 10:00 A.M., location TBD

June 20, 2020: Missouri Republican State Convention                                                          St. Charles Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plz, St. Charles, MO 63303

August 24-27, 2020: Republican National Convention, Charlotte, NC


Do you want to be a delegate to the 3rd district or State Convention?

Can you commit to attending a meeting on May 30th, somewhere in the 3rd district?    Can you commit to attending the State convention June 20th, in St Charles?                        If your answer is yes to either of those questions, we would like to hear from you.


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